Scientific research


I was part of March for science, and I joined in for a very simple reason: Without paying attention to the scientific results, we might destroy ourselves.
Anti-intellectualism, anti-science movement always existed. One of my teachers neatly explained why. The progress of any kind might uncover incompetence of people in power, prompting rest of us to ask for their resignation. So, from their point of view, ignorance is truly bliss.

I decided to fight back. I decided to became part of that call “Make America smart again,” although I would rather say ” Make Humans smart again.” The problem is not just in the USA.

Part of that fight is this site. A place where you can see how a scientist mind works, where you can see what kind of people are scientists.

If you are interested in posts about my life approach, go here.
And if you would like to see how the scientific research is done, start with the posts below.

Research Project:

How does scientist work?
Why do we need to research Sun?
First step - setting the research question
Data and mistakes
Detecting the sound from images
Working correlation code
Why Wavelets?
Dimensions of the problem
Edge Effects
Hmm, that's funny