Curiosity of Scientific Mind

If you ever meet a real scientist, the first thing you’ll notice is that they are very careful when they state something, always using the words that seem like there is uncertainty, a wiggle room.
The reason behind that is that when I and my fellow scientist go through research, we know that there are limits of our knowledge and that our contribution is just a small piece of a puzzle in the overall picture of reality. Also, we admit that we’re human, and if someone smarter later founds the error in our work, we know we have to nod our heads and say Thank you to that person. In essence, the wording is a consequence of us realizing that we, as individuals, are not important, but results of our work are.

The second thing you’ll notice is that scientists are incurably curious. We like to learn and try new stuff. And we tend to approach new stuff with the same scientific method we are trained to use in our work.

Here you can see some of the consequences of my curiosity.

Gardening – comming soon

Solar panels instalation – comming soon

Woodworking – New venture I started recently. Check how scientist approaches learning new skill.

Nature building – comming soon

Simply nerd – comming soon

Activism – coming soon

Tutoring – sometimes I wonder can I help others to reviwe their curiosity and enjoy the beauty of our wonderful Universe.