Roomba: cleaning the cliff sensors

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Roomba: cleaning the cliff sensors



  1. Great instructions. Our roomba no longer trying to jump off cliffs. Great feeling to fix something so complex and I hate ewaste. So thanks from me, my wallet and the planet.


  2. THANK YOU so much for this super detailed description! I have to admit, you lost me at “motherboard”… or rather I chickened out. I noticed on mine that I could kinda sorta pull the outer edge of the cliff sensors out with my fingernail so I decided to try to use that little space to try to blast the dust out. I wasn’t messing around with some little can of something so went out to my husband’s garage and blasted it with a full size air compressor. Worked like a charm and I have less to put back together… meaning less that I potentially could have broken! Thanks again for the help!


    • That’s a neat solution. I’ll have to re-clean my Roomba soon so I’ll shoot a video of the procedure. This time, I also lost a tiny plastic bit that protects one of the sensors so I will show a MacGywer-like solution to that problem.


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